Hazmat Instructor Series



First Responders are being asked to manage a wider variety of emergencies and thus demand more comprehensive training tools to better prepare. This series of props utilizes readily available air compressors to deliver hazmat training scenarios at a reasonable cost. The GRANT ELIGIBLE package includes five (5) portable hazmat training props and a hand-held control pad. Additional training props available as well as a trailer for easy transportation.




chlorine-cylinderCHLORINE CYLINDER

Full size chlorine cylinder gives the trainee the challenge of dealing with a “real” cylinder, valving, piping and manifolds, which are all capable of leaking.

A standard industrial, one ton Chlorine Cylinder with a standard head containing two valves (liquid and vapor) and three relief plugs mounted on tank trunions which allows the cylinder to rotate from liquid to vapor sides.   The tank shall have leaks at each valve, relief plugs and a tank pinhole leak.  The leaks will be simulated using high pressure water, vapor and vapor cloud.  The leaks will be accompanied by lighting effects to simulate the Chlorine gas as well as sound effects.


leaking-drumLEAKING DRUM

Leaking drums shall be standard UN 1A1 and UN 1A2 Drums which shall have leaks from a puncture from a fork lift, leaking bung or a seam leak in the lid.  Leaks can be colored to simulate four (4) colors of product.





reactive-drumREACTING DRUM

Chemical reaction inside a storage drum includes bubbling and gurgling sounds and vibration of drum. Bulging head indicates pressure build-up. Leaks and ruptured drums add realism to scenarios.

A standard UN 1A1 drum which has its content reacting causing a bulging lid, gurgling sound, vibration and content leaking.  The product can be simulated in one of four (4) different colored liquids.



vertical-cylinderLEAKING BULK STORAGE

Contain and control flammable liquid leaks from storage container. Leaks from valves, manifold, and tank rupture.






Industrial standard compressed gas cylinders with valves and manifold system.  The prop is designed to simulate leaks in valves, whip connections or manifold.  The leak will be vapor, gas or combination of vapor and air.  The prop includes high pressure gas release sounds and one of the bottles can fall from the rack and discharge its content.





The Control System:

Provides One Central Location for Prop Control
Manages Lighting & Sound Special Effects
Allows for Future Prop Expansion
Uses Menu Driven Software for Easy Use
Allows Trainer Pre-sequencing of Training Scenarios