Training Props

Sight, Sound, Smell, Look and Feel of the “Real Thing”

Tactical Incident Systems provides training props and systems to simulate real life incidents in a totally immersed training environment.  This means not only are you training with a physical prop, such as a cylinder or partial tank used, but the sound, smell, color and physical reactions are included to give the trainee the complete feel of a response to a potential incident.  Each prop is designed to act or react as it would in a real life, uncontrolled situation.

TIS can provide a single, stand alone control systems to a complete, fully simulated chemical/manufacturing facility.   Each prop is designed to be interactive and fully functional through the use of computer controlled effects and various medias.

Our personnel have both industrial and emergency response experience which give them the unique ability to provide the realism needed to provide essential training as well as the operational knowledge of industrial facility to optimize the challenges to YOUR emergency responders .